We help organizations continuously improve by revealing impactful connections within their stakeholder community


ClearPicture founded.


Pioneered the introduction of web based surveys for many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated organizations.


ClearPicture had evolved a desktop survey design tool to allow internal staff and select clients to design surveys.


ClearPicture releases its Apollo reporting platform for the rapid production of thousands of individualized reports from a single survey program.


ClearPicture released its industry leading Insight reporting portal providing ad hoc analysis and report generation capabilities.


ClearPicture acquired by Scott Murray.


ClearPicture launches integrated survey & feedback Platform consisting of ClearPicture Feedback,  Analytics, Correlate and Playbook.


ClearPicture delivers stakeholder feedback and analytics solutions for hundreds of organizations in over 80 countries and 30 different languages.  In 2018 ClearPicture launched the TruVerus™ NFC mobile authentication platform.  TruVerus™ is a secure authentication and mobile feedback platform providing large-enterprise with the ability to authenticate products, business transactions and industrial operational activities.