Build your brand and premium products with NFC tags

NFC Mobile Retail


Authenticated products open new channels by delivering exclusive customer experiences.

Today’s premium brands must continually build brand equity and increased value to customers.

Competitive differentiation is an ongoing challenge.  Premium brands are competing for consumer revenue largely using the same marketing tactics.

With ClearPicture TruVerus™ brands can create their own channels and connect directly with consumers.

TruVerus™  turns your products into channels.

Embedded NFC tags enable brands to deliver completely new customer experiences.

Simply tap a product with your smartphone and instantly view digital content and rich data on your smartphone.

Digital relationship with your customers.  Once a customer authenticates you have an extremely effective way to communicate with your customers.

TruVerus™  elevates you well above your competitors.  By embedding our solution into your products;  you own a direct channel to communicate with customers anytime or anywhere.

Anytime, Anywhere digital marketing. TruVerus™ provides a customer experience platform that generates brand loyalty while providing the opportunity to drive significant new revenue.

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