TruVerus™ transforms your products into a true brand platform.

Customer experience and engagement is going through a massive transformation.  TruVerus™ bridges the gap between a consumer purchase and the post-sale consumer relationship.  Our customer experience platform begins in retail stores and extends to develop a robust digital consumer relationship.  Building consumer relationships is critical to building brand equity, brand ambassadors and increasing product adoption – not to mention increasing revenue.

We achieve this through an amazing digital customer experience at the point of sale or post product delivery.

TruVerus™ uses smart NFC technology to deliver digital content that includes video, animation and messaging by simply tapping on a product. This means that you can communicate with customers using highly interactive methods.  Whether it is in store, or at home — you’ve now extended the customer touch point well beyond the traditional sale.

Provide your customers with real-time product details, video demos and instructions.  Deliver highly interactive in-store engagement to drive sales and build brand value.

Take advantage of point of sale purchases by engaging with customers at the most opportune time. Deliver additional offers, tap into loyalty programs, encourage social media sharing

Building a relationship with customers in a post-sale environment is not easy. TruVerus™ provides the ability to engage with customers by sharing relevant as well as acquiring mobile feedback on quality, brand perception and other important data points.

By simply tapping on a product, consumers instantly receive relevant details driving in-store “buy decisions”.  Easily demonstrate product usage and inherent value and benefits.

Feedback for product development
Connect your offline products to your online feedback forum. So customers can share feedback about your product by just tapping on it. And you can develop next-generation products based on your customers’ specific needs.