ClearPicture Analyze

ClearPicture Analyze provides the tools you need to deliver meaningful insight from feedback and business data.    Spot trends and gaps at the highest level and drill down to identify actionable root causes.

Key Features:

Standard Reports – use best practice visualizations to focus in on issues and opportunities.  Presentation quality output in a variety of formats can be used for individual and team planning.  Mass produce reports and distribute them through the ClearPicture Analytics portal.

Ad Hoc Analysis – quickly compare results between different groups to find trouble spots.  See differences by location, department, job, tenure or any other factor.  Generate graphs to share your findings.

Ad Hoc Reports – combine the visualizations and presentation quality of standard reports with the analytical power of ad hoc analysis.  Produce a standard report for whatever population you choose with results aggregated however you choose. 

Statistical Analysis – leverage key driver and other advanced analyses to find connections in the data.  For example, what management and human resource practices have the greatest impact on employee engagement or what support practices have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction.

What If Analysis – use the What If tool to combine respondents data in new ways.  What might customer satisfaction look like if long tenured agents start retiring?  What does engagement look like if you exclude the sales and marketing departments.  Combine responses from selected parts of the organization in ways that cross traditional boundaries.