Employee Training: Learn from the best (or suffer the consequences)

I am pretty sure we have all attended training sessions that had little or no positive impact on our job. In my personal experience, as an attendee, it’s sometimes been due to an ineffective instructor and other times it was because the program they were teaching was so cumbersome and technical, a two day training session just isn’t  enough time to take it all in. It’s hard to keep people engaged when they feel overwhelmed. 

Calling for Automotive Dealerships to help establish a Canadian benchmark


Calling for Automotive Dealerships to help establish a Canadian benchmark

Halifax, Canada. 27th January 2016.

ClearPicture, a Canadian web-based survey and analysis company, is seeking automotive dealerships in Canada to participate in a pilot employee engagement survey and reporting project at no cost.

A Vision for Engagement — Do Your Employees Know Where They’re Going?

A vision statement can be a powerful tool to help your employees feel engaged. It gives them a goal that everyone can work together to achieve, and help them see how their own work makes a difference. Not everyone is convinced of the value that a vision statement can play in a company’s success, but companies without a strong vision statement are missing an important opportunity.

Are You Training Your Competitors’ Employees?

Measuring employee engagement is a critical part of any organization’s employee retention strategy. When employees leave your company for a competitor, they take with them the training, expertise and experience they developed while working for you. Engaged employees are ones who are committed to your company, and who are most likely to stick with you.

Recognizing Engagement — Do You Know It When You See It?

Many studies have shown that companies with engaged workers perform better financially than those who don’t. To reap these benefits, it’s important to understand what engaged employees look like.

Customer Engagement: How to Stay Ahead of the Innovation Curve

Driving innovation in the tech sector is about more than just developing new products. When the desire for instant gratification drives customers’ buying decisions, innovation means engaging customers in new ways, and using their input to make quick decisions about how to meet their needs.

Can Pizza Parties Increase Your Bottom Line?

Companies who value their employees will bend over backwards to keep them happy. It’s not unusual to see catering trucks parked outside of office buildings, well-stocked employee lounges with board games and a pizza party with the latest craft beers to cap off the work week on Friday. Do these employer sponsored benefits promote employee engagement and discretionary effort or are they simply a way to have fun while at work?