Case Studies


ClearPicture’s technology helps The CAAT Pension Plan drive a breakthrough by locating gaps in communication and closing them.

Company Profile

The CAAT Pension Plan provides defined pension benefits to more than 36,000 members who work for or have retired from the 24 colleges and related employers in the province of Ontario.

The Plan stands secure, fully funded, and well managed. The Plan’s last fi led actuarial valuation shows a surplus of $347 million, assets of $6.3 billion and is 103% funded on a going-concern basis, as of January 1, 2013.

The three sponsors of the Plan – Colleges Ontario on behalf of the college boards of governors, the Ontario College Administrative Staff Association (OCASA), and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) – appoint members to both of the Plan’s governance bodies: the Board of Trustees and the Sponsors’ Committee. The Plan is jointly governed – members and employers participate equally on both bodies.

Business Situation

The CAAT Plan had never conducted any kind of stakeholder engagement program with the objective of identifying key issues, understanding current perceptions and driving improvement programs to better engage their stakeholders.

The CAAT Plan had a number of desired outcomes that they wanted to achieve as a result of working with ClearPicture:

  •  To develop a better understanding of the CAAT Pension Plan among all of its stakeholders.
  • To distinguish the CAAT Pension Plan among other Ontario public sector pension plans andprivate sector pension plans. Promote the CAAT Plan brand. Ensure that its specific characteristics and achievements are recognized as being distinct in any broader pension reform policy discussions.
  •  To ensure that the CAAT Plan members (both active and retired) have the information they need to promote the Plan as a well-managed, sustainable, “model” public sector defined benefit pension plan.
  •  To enhance both the profile and reputation of the CAAT Plan, and thereby promoting its growth ambitions for the Ontario university sector.
  •  To generate broad based opinion research to support the CAAT Plan in its discussions with key stakeholders, particularly policy makers. Provide information that could be used to either refute or mitigate published and private opinions on the sustainability of public sector pension plans.
  • To provide early indicators of potential, opportunities, issues, conflicts and benefits. Creating Lasting Change
  • Once the CAAT Plan was able to analyze the feedback they collected, they found a communication disconnect between presidents and VPs regarding the value to the college of the pension plan. To address this, the CAAT Plan developed a communications strategy that introduced regular briefings to senior level college staff. These briefings are helping to create a common understanding among the senior executives and are creating alignment around their views and understandings.
  • When they went out to members, there was a noticeable gap between what support staff and academic staff understood about their pension benefits, which indicated to the CAAT Plan that messaging was not resonating equally with different audiences. To address this, the CAAT is developing a strategy to use various media, such as video and webinars as well as the traditional print newsletters, to explain member benefits and related issues.
  • The results from the Stakeholder Engagement Program validated many the activities that the CAAT Plan was already undertaking, which helped their team grow in confidence that they were effectively engaging their stakeholders. These results can be seen here in this infographic outlining some of the results
“The Stakeholder Engagement survey was a valuable exercise for us because we were able to refine our understanding of the various stakeholder groups, gain useful insights and enhance our reputation as a well-managed, well governed, sustainable pension plan.”

John Cappelletti, Manager, Stakeholder Relations, CAAT Pension Plan

ClearPicture’s technology helps Capital Health can employee and leadership insights to increase the quality of work life, performance and productivity.

Company profile

Capital Health is Nova Scotia’s largest provider of health services and operates hospitals, health centres and community-based programs throughout Halifax Regional Municipality and the western part of Hants County.

Capital Health is comprised of over 12,000 employees, physicians, learners and approximately 1,900 volunteers. They provide medical and surgical care, mental health care, community health programs, addiction prevention and treatment and environmental health services.

Business situation

Capital Health wanted to gain overall insight into the company its employees, managers and leaders. The objectives were to understand the current state of the organization, it’s employees and leaders in order to enact strategies to increase the quality of work life, performance and productivity.

In order to accomplish this task, Capital Health knew they needed a partner that had the technology to gather information throughout the organization by generating multiple team reports providing insight into the current state of affairs for leaders and employees.

After an extensive RFP process, Capital Health selected ClearPicture to lead the initiative by using their robust ClearpPicture platform to capture data and reveal insights from employees and managers throughout the organization.

Creating Lasting Change

Because of insights revealed by using ClearPicture, Capital Health learned that conflict was present and was impacting the quality of work life, productivity and increasing medical error.

Capital Health is a high stakes business where healthcare teams need to work together and collaborate in order to provide the best quality care. Effective communication and skills on mitigating and/or resolving conflict support quality outcomes for patients.

Capital Health felt it would be in the best interests of the organization to develop a Conflict Transformation Program that would help the organization communicate effectively, handle problems constructively, and manage workplace conflict successfully. The program was implemented quickly and with resounding success!

The program offers group education, one-on-one conflict resolution coaching, and transformational mediation among parties in conflict – for leaders, staff and physicians. It is an effective and highly regarded program throughout the organization.

Because of insights provided by ClearPicture, Capital Health was able to confidently invest in the right program that helped to increase the quality of communication while boosting performance and reducing risk throughout the organization.

“Because of ClearPicture, we were able to get a clear understanding of the different voices across the enterprise. They enabled us to make fact-based decisions on how to improve our business because of the data that was collected. The insights that ClearPicture revealed helped Capital Health improve the overall quality of work life and performance of our people, and has reduced medical error that was due to poor communication.“
-Dawn Burstall, Director, Health Workplace

The ClearPicture platform provides clarity for IBM as they develop action plans to bring Pfizer’s customer satisfaction to new heights

Company Profile

Pfizer, the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company, applies science and their global resources to bring therapies to people that extend and significantly improve their lives. They strive to set the standard for quality, safety and value in the discovery, development and manufacture of health care products. Their global portfolio includes medicines and vaccines as well as many of the world’s best- known consumer health care products. Every day, Pfizer employees work across developed and emerging markets to advance wellness, prevention, treatments and cures that challenge the most feared diseases of our time.

Business Situation

IBM, a ClearPicture partner, was working with Pfizer to increase their level of customer satisfaction. Pfizer was looking to improve their customer satisfaction levels from 66% to a target goal of 75% in all areas.

IBM knew that without the right technology this would be a difficult feat, however, with ClearPicture, they would be able to identify the problem areas, get detailed analytics and develop action plans to drive initiatives and achieve breakthroughs that would bring customer satisfaction levels to new heights.

Creating Lasting Change

Using ClearPicture to collect information and drive out detailed reports IBM was now able to review all problem areas individually and in great detail. Because of ClearPicture’ ability to drive actionable business intelligence that points out problems, opportunities and risks, IBM was armed with the right information to develop action plans to address those problem areas within Pfizer that needed improvement.

The action plans developed were executed by IBM as they were the consultancy responsible for driving the initiatives that would close the gaps negatively impacting customer satisfaction with Pfizer.

After two quarters, IBM was able to bring customer satisfaction to new heights and achieved performance ratings that exceeded expectations.

“Working with ClearPicture, it was evident very early on that the strength of ClearPicture was in its ability to drive actionable business intelligence that pointed out problems, risks, strengths and opportunities. The fact that we could use your product to drive action plans that would improve our client’s business is outstanding. We first identified a customer satisfaction rate of 66% and after getting the right information we were able to confidently develop actions plans and drive targeted programs to boost Pfizer’s customer satisfaction to reach heights as high as 88%!”

-Mary Becquet, Global Delivery Project Executive, IBM Global Services

The ClearPicture platform provides actionable insight for Talent2 enabling them to build programs with confidence to improve client satisfaction and retention.

Company Profile

Talent2 multiplies the power and productivity of people through its payroll, HR, learning and recruitment solutions. They are the leading HR BPO organisation in the Asia Pacific region, working with clients across diverse organization types and industries to deliver end-to-end talent management solutions that put people first.

Business Situation

Talent2 was in the market for a supplier that could help then conduct a large scale client satisfaction survey with the aim of improving client retention and satisfaction.

Talent2 had previously conducted programs to gather feedback both internally and through contracted external organizations. These programs either involved a very small sample of the client base or did not get the response necessary to ensure this was a completely accurate representation. Executives at Talent2 knew that in order to attain an accurate representation of their client base they needed to engage with a company that had the expertise in conducting customer satisfaction surveys as well as a technology platform that would enable them to drive key insights from feedback they collect.

Creating Lasting Change

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the team at Talent2 decided to focus one work stream around ongoing measurement of client satisfaction. To do that, Talent2 will conduct another customer satisfaction survey 12 months after the last survey so that they can examine how their efforts have helped improve client satisfaction.

By taking these extra steps, Talent2 will have in their possession powerful data every year that provides the organization with an updated understanding about their customers and how they are feeling, what their needs are, and what they desire.

With such detailed data on their customers, Talent2 now has the exceptional ability to leverage this customer data to understand how an increase or decrease in satisfaction influences retention and revenue. This is the power of ClearPicture’s technology and the ability to drive correlations with in- depth feedback can drive further improvement for years to come.

“ClearPicture’s technology really helped Talent2 get a clear understanding of our customer base and enabled us to identify their needs, wants and concerns. The insights revealed gave us confidence and provided focus when building plans to make improvements to client satisfaction and retention. Along with tremendous technology, ClearPicture’s support team was phenomenal. They were always there for us when we needed them no matter what time it was and they were constantly providing guidance on how to maximize our usage of their technology. Working with ClearPicture has been a pleasure and I look forward to working with them on future programs.”

-Brendan Trewartha; Global General Manager, Accounts and Client Services, Talent2