Calling for Automotive Dealerships to help establish a Canadian benchmark

Halifax, Canada. 27th January 2016.

ClearPicture, a Canadian web-based survey and analysis company, is seeking automotive dealerships in Canada to participate in a pilot employee engagement survey and reporting project at no cost.

The survey data collected from this pilot program will be used to establish employee engagement benchmarks for the Canadian automotive dealership industry.

As part of the pilot program, employees, managers and senior leadership of automotive dealerships will be given a 15 minute web based survey asking how they feel about their job, their workplace, their leaders, and their overall engagement.

Regarding the pilot, ClearPicture CEO Scott Murray states: “We need our own benchmarks here in Canada so we don’t have to rely on US data. They are two very different markets so it’s important that we set our own benchmarks that reflect our market.”

All dealerships that participate in this pilot will be given a graphical scorecard report containing their individual dealership results showing how engaged their employees are along with actionable information they can use to help increase the level of engagement amongst their workforce.

Commenting on engagement Murray said: “Employee engagement is a bottom line issue. Those who turn their focus to employee engagement will attract and retain the best workers in the industry, which can help increase dealership revenues because studies have shown repeatedly that engaged employees help attract and retain customers.”

Any automotive dealerships that are interested in participating in this pilot program, commencing on the 7th of March 2016, are asked to contact ClearPicture directly on 1-888-422-1177 or


About ClearPicture:

ClearPicture provides web-based survey and reporting services to some of the world’s largest companies. Founded in 1995, ClearPicture provides clients with actionable information regarding their workforce, so they are able to make meaningful improvements to increase employee engagement and help them improve company revenues and profitability.