Canadian Automotive Dealership Employee Survey Program

Fact: Engaged Employees attract and retain customers.

Fact: Disengaged employees drive your customers to your competitors.

ClearPicture’s  Automotive Dealership Employee Survey program helps you understand and implement actions that attract engaged employees and can help make your competitors more appealing to disengaged employees.

Automotive Dealerships are facing an uphill climb when it comes to attracting and retaining skilled employees. As older populations retire, younger employees are needed to fill the gaps and fewer young people are selecting the Automotive Trades and Automotive Sales as a career. This leads to stiff competition for those who are the most highly engaged, skilled and experienced.

Understanding what attracts and retains the best, most committed  employees (typically referred to as ‘engaged’ employees), and implementing programs that leverage this knowledge will give a dealership a competitive advantage.

Countless studies have shown that employee engagement is directly linked to the attraction and retention of customers, because customers like dealing with people that have attitudes and qualities that engaged employees exhibit on a daily basis. Customers want a pleasant experience and engaged employees tend to give it to them whereas disengaged employees tend not to, which frustrates customers.

ClearPicture’s Canadian Automotive Dealership Employee Survey Program is a multi-faceted measurement process for assessing critical factors that positively or negatively impact the level of commitment an employee has towards their employer and the effort they are willing to expend towards that commitment.

Our Solution:

  • Gathers feedback from employees, managers and senior leadership.
  • Provides information on employee needs, experiences, and satisfaction to allow you to take specific actions.
  • Supports a process of continuous improvement through ongoing measurement and action.

The Canadian Automotive Dealership Employee Survey Program helps you answer these questions:

  • How do employees feel about this dealership?
  • What are the expectations of employees, managers and senior leaders? How does that align with dealership’s goals?
  • What management practices are proving successful and could be applied more broadly?
  • How do you prioritize actions, improvements and innovations – with your dealership, managers and senior leaders?

Program Description

  1. Dealership would sign up for the program on the ClearPicture website
  2. The day before the survey launches, the Dealership receives a web link and  PDF version of the invitation from ClearPicture to distribute to all employees
  3. ClearPicture launches the survey on the live date
  4. Within three weeks after the close of the survey, the PDF report will be delivered to the dealership by ClearPicture via email
  5. Dealership takes action based on the survey results.

Participate in the pilot of this program at no cost:

ClearPicture is running a pilot program, launching on Monday 7th March 2016.

The purpose of this program is to establish Canadian employee engagement benchmarks in the Automotive Industry. The program will be open until close of business on Monday 21st March 2016.

All dealerships that participate in this pilot, and have 5 or more respondents, will be given a graphical scorecard report* containing their individual dealership results  showing how engaged their employees are along with actionable information they can use to help increase the level of  engagement amongst their workforce.

* To protect respondent anonymity, a store must have 5 or more respondents in order to receive a report.

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