Community Newspaper Readership Survey

Community Newspapers are facing challenges on a variety of fronts, be it stiff competition from radio and television, or the changing world of media due to the dominance of the Internet.

The underlying challenge for Community Newspapers is remaining relevant to their readers and the communities they serve. A key aspect of maintaining and even growing that relevance is to engage with the readers. Understanding what is important to them, both in terms of content and presentation, how they use and share the information and getting their views on how to improve the newspaper are all important aspects of engaging readers.

ClearPicture’s Community Newspaper Readership Survey Program, developed and offered in partnership with Newspapers Atlantic, helps Community Newspapers better understand and engage with their readers and allows a more targeted approach to advertising for your advertisers.

Our Solution:

  • Runs on a continuous basis throughout the year (“always on”)
  • Measures reader opinion on a variety of topics as the mood strikes them
  • Collects reader demographics and buying habits
  • Helps create readership engagement
  • Delivers benchmarks gathered in real-time and reported monthly
  • Helps Newspapers better match advertisers to reader demographics
  • Supports a process of continuous improvement through ongoing measurement and action.
  • Saves Newspapers money by ClearPicture and Newspapers Atlantic working together and passing on the savings

Our Community Newspaper Readership Survey Program provides these benefits:

  • Higher quality of data through increased responses because readers can respond when the mood strikes them.
  • Allows changes to be tested and measured so you can see quickly what’s working and what’s not and make adjustments as necessary
  • Allows you to target your advertising more effectively, giving advertisers more reasons to spend their advertising dollars with you.
  • Compares your newspaper results to real-time industry benchmarks. Best-in-class = bragging rights, which has more appeal to readers and advertisers.
  • Low cost makes it affordable for every newspaper.

Program Description

  • Sign up by sending Tim Chapman (, the title and logo for your newspaper via email or by filling out the form below. 
  • ClearPicture will invoice you for the program and it will be due upon receipt.
  • Once payment has been made, ClearPicture sets up your survey and sends you a URL and password. The survey is ‘Live’ at this point.
  • You advertise your Readership survey and the URL in your newspaper using ideas and templates in the Promotional Tool Box
  • Your readers take the survey and submit their data any time they want, as they have an opinion.
  • You receive your reports on a quarterly basis.

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