ClearPicture Playbook

The most commonly reported cause of dissatisfaction with surveys is a lack of follow through.  Why go to the cost and effort of running a survey if you are not going to use the data to drive change? ClearPicture Playbook provides an online best practice framework to support this critical process.

Key Features:

Communication Planning – the first step in action planning is to communicate survey results.  ClearPicture Action planning provides a structured process for communication planning including assigning accountability and monitoring progress.

Goal Setting – once results are communicated it is important to close the loop by identifying priorities and setting improvement targets.  The goal setting module allows for multi-faceted goals with multiple stakeholders and accountabilities so that goals and tasks can be aligned to the way work gets done in your organization.

Progress Monitoring – track progress toward goal completion at the individual, team or corporate level.  Drill down to goal and task details to determine progress blockers and make plans to get back on track or tune goals to reflect changes.

Expert Support Content – describes the communication planning and priority and goal setting process in detail along with best practice recommendations and helpful process maps.  Support content allows organizations to take a self-service approach to action planning or acts as a valuable reinforcement to consultant facilitated planning sessions.

Repeat Process – resurvey and refresh corporate data to track progress toward targets.  Tweak feedback programs to reflect changes in priority.  Support continuous improvement through ongoing measurement and action planning.