ClearPicture Correlate

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum.  Neither should your feedback programs.  ClearPicture Correlate sits between the ClearPicture Feedback and ClearPicture Analytics modules to support true business insight.

Key Features:

Combine Surveys – from different time periods, different parts of the organization, even with different focuses (for example employee engagement and customer satisfaction) to establish trends and correlations between different areas.

Import Data – from any of your information systems to support measures that correlate feedback with business results.  ClearPicture Correlate can establish actionable connections between sales and customer satisfaction, employee engagement and turnover, coaches and player satisfaction and any other sets or measures.

Derived Measures and Indices – establish measures that combine several data points into a single index.  A quality index for example might combine scores from some areas of customer satisfaction, employee engagement and leadership effectiveness surveys to give a holistic view of quality. 

Manage Organization Trees – capture and manage the organization structure to support roll up measures and reporting at multiple organizational levels.  Combine trees from disparate organizations to support cross organization reporting.  Provide comprehensive reports to managers whose spans of control cross departmental boundaries.