NFC Authentication & Mobile Feedback

ClearPictures (NFC) secure authentication and mobile feedback platform provides large-enterprise with the ability to authenticate products, business transactions and industrial operational activities.  Our enterprise platform integrates mobile real-time feedback, interactive push messaging and detailed user-data used to analyze consumer behaviour, trends, audit and ensure industrial compliance.

ClearPicture TruVerus™ delivers end-to-end mobile feedback solutions tailored for financial governance, human resource management, manufacturing, retail merchandising and pharmaceuticals.

ClearPicture TruVerus™ Features

  • Real-time mobile feedback 
  • NFC-based product authentication
  • Powerful Analytics:  age, gender, interests, purchase history and location data
  • Interactive push messaging and customer feedback
  • Digital wallet, securely stores consumers authenticated products and enterprise transactions
  • Authenticated product transferability from original to new owner

Leveraging Authentication and Mobile Feedback

ClearPicture embeds “thin NFC” technology enabling mobile authentication of high-value retail products, proxy voting, pharmaceuticals and enterprise engagement/feedback programs all coupled with our patented real-time feedback.  ClearPicture is a robust, secure and scalable enterprise-class platform leveraging mobile NFC authentication and patented mobile feedback.