NFC Authentication & Mobile Feedback

ClearPictures (NFC) secure authentication and mobile feedback platform provides large-enterprise with the ability to authenticate products, business transactions and industrial operational activities.  Our enterprise platform integrates mobile real-time feedback, interactive push messaging and detailed user-data used to analyze consumer behaviour, trends, audit and ensure industrial compliance.

ClearPicture Authenticate delivers end-to-end mobile feedback solutions tailored for financial governance, human resource management, manufacturing, retail merchandising and pharmaceuticals.

ClearPicture Authenticate Features

  • Real-time mobile feedback 
  • NFC-based product authentication
  • Powerful Analytics:  age, gender, interests, purchase history and location data
  • Interactive push messaging and customer feedback
  • Digital wallet, securely stores consumers authenticated products and enterprise transactions
  • Authenticated product transferability from original to new owner

Leveraging Authentication and Mobile Feedback

ClearPicture embeds “thin NFC” technology enabling mobile authentication of high-value retail products, proxy voting, pharmaceuticals and enterprise engagement/feedback programs all coupled with our patented real-time feedback.  ClearPicture is a robust, secure and scalable enterprise-class platform leveraging mobile NFC authentication and patented mobile feedback.


“By partnering with ClearPicture, the Phaeton Automotive Group has been able to collect consistent and useful feedback that provides keen insights to management and senior leaders. These insights were then used to drive effective dialogue with employees and have helped prioritize the key issues that drive employee engagement.
-Stephanie Sykes, Human Resources Consultant, Stephanie Sykes HR Solutions Inc., consultant for The Phaeton Automotive Group
“Because of ClearPicture, we were able to get a clear understanding of the different voices across the enterprise.  They enabled us to make fact-based decisions on how to improve our business because of the data that was collected. The insights that ClearPicture revealed helped Capital Health improve the overall quality of work life and performance of our people, and has reduced medical error that was due to poor communication.“
-Dawn Burstall, Director, Health Workplace
“Perhaps most importantly, ClearPicture`s Genesis identifies the key drivers for our organization each year which are those areas that, if we put our attention and energies to, will have the most significant impact on employee commitment. We see a very clear link between our increased stock value and the actions we took to improve engagement. There is no question in our minds that an engaged workforce and a healthy company culture has benefits beyond the values we hold as a company regarding culture.”
-Sarah MacDonald, VP Human Resources, Emera
“Because of ClearPicture and their technology we got an inside look into issues, concerns and opportunities across our 17 divisions. The insights we collected aided us at a strategic level and helped provide focus around our decision to implement a number of communication improvements across the entire organization. With the changes we implemented we were able to increase the level and quality of communication throughout the organization thereby increasing engagement.”
-Rob Burns, Vice President, Corporate Human Resources