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HR should be a strategic contributor to an organization’s corporate objectives by creating a highly engaged culture that nurtures, develops and leverages employee talent.   Does your organization have a clear picture of employee engagement, management strengths and weaknesses and causes of attrition?    Our integrated solution includes engagement, assessment and exit feedback so you retain and develop your best talent while understanding factors of attrition. 

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Assumptions about the customer relationship put revenue and profitability at risk.  How do you know the true temperature of customer relationships if you are only measuring one facet? Getting beyond standard satisfaction levels is about gathering and learning from a broader set of requirements, experiences, outcomes and actions.   When all client stakeholders are understood, meaningful connections and correlations are revealed to gain a true understanding of customer satisfaction.

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In any sport, coaching will make or break an athlete’s love of the sport, a parent’s support and the overall success of the sport’s association itself.  Understanding the impact a coach is having on their team and individual athletes, season over season, will provide insights into effectiveness of coaching certifications, coaching techniques and team performance.   Similarly, evaluations of officials will help improve the quality of competition and officiating.

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Your Brand is more than a logo.  How employees and customers feel, engage and interact with your brand is what will define its true strength and impact. Understanding the extent to which they actively promote and support your brand and the specific drivers behind the ‘why’ will give you the insights needed to strengthen and amplify loyalty and advocacy.  Our solution will benchmark your overall Brand Ambassador Index, and provide scores for each of the employee and customer assessments based on several brand dimensions.  With this critical data we will help you to chart a course for improvement.  

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2804, 2015

Pitfalls to Avoid with Feedback Programs

Using 360 Degree Feedback is a great way to gather insights on your employees and drive improvement. However, as with any method or tool, there are pitfalls to avoid. In ClearPicture’s latest presentation, we look into the 5 Pitfalls all HR Managers need to avoid when executing a 360 Degree Feedback program.

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2704, 2015

360 Degree Reviews Create Happier Workplaces

Traditional training and development programs often involve a manager that provides feedback to the employee. But that’s a big task to place on a manager who won’t be able to provide ALL the necessary feedback to help the employee – this is where using 360 Degree Reviews is important!

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