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HR should be a strategic contributor to an organization’s corporate objectives by creating a highly engaged culture that nurtures, develops and leverages employee talent.   Does your organization have a clear picture of employee engagement, management strengths and weaknesses and causes of attrition?    Our integrated solution includes engagement, assessment and exit feedback so you retain and develop your best talent while understanding factors of attrition. 

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ClearPicture’s Automotive Dealership Employee Engagement solution is a multi-faceted measurement process for assessing critical factors that positively or negatively impact the level of commitment an employee has towards their employer and the effort they are willing to expend towards that commitment.

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In any sport, coaching will make or break an athlete’s love of the sport, a parent’s support and the overall success of the sport’s association itself.  Understanding the impact a coach is having on their team and individual athletes, season over season, will provide insights into effectiveness of coaching certifications, coaching techniques and team performance.   Similarly, evaluations of officials will help improve the quality of competition and officiating.

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Your Brand is more than a logo.  How employees and customers feel, engage and interact with your brand is what will define its true strength and impact. Understanding the extent to which they actively promote and support your brand and the specific drivers behind the ‘why’ will give you the insights needed to strengthen and amplify loyalty and advocacy.  Our solution will benchmark your overall Brand Ambassador Index, and provide scores for each of the employee and customer assessments based on several brand dimensions.  With this critical data we will help you to chart a course for improvement.  

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2811, 2015

Happy Employee = Happy Customer

Customer interactions are influenced by a range of factors that we can’t control. Take your typical grocery cashier as an example. In a work day he may face deep lines with overloaded carts, his break relief may be late, a customer might argue over a price of a roast and he didn’t get a thank you for wrestling that 20kg bag of kitty litter from the bottom of an elderly woman’s cart. He’s at work doing the job, but he’s counting down the minutes till he can punch out. This might not be everyone’s experience, but it’s a good example of how the quality of a customer interaction might be affected by the cashier’s quality of life at work.

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511, 2015

The Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility — Engaging Customers to Create Shared Value

Corporate social responsibility is an established concept, but a new generation of consumers is raising the bar. A new concept called creating shared value calls on companies to think beyond charitable donations and recycling.

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